Keeping your vehicle in the very best condition is highly important to us. Regular servicing, and proper maintenance of your vehicle not only extends the life of your vehicle but provides you with a smoother ride, improved performance and reduces the risk of breakdown and hefty bills. We at Inline are able to carry out all kinds of maintenance and servicing your vehicle deserves at highly competitive prices without compromising on quality and standards.



Brakes in your vehicle are the most important part in terms of safety. Certain brake parts/components wear and tear everytime you apply brakes, hence should be inspected and repaired or replaced accordingly. If you hear any squeaking noise, pedal is depressed way down, brakes are slow, if your vehicle pulls to one side when you brake or makes a noise or a grinding or bumpy sensation or in general you think there is something wrong with your brakes then you should have them inspected.


Brake now and get in touch for all your braking needs or repairs.


Servicing a car on time and in accordance with the requirements is highly important. We carry out all sorts of servicing and maintenance along with vehicle checks. From straight forward maintenance to comprehensive servicing, all can be undertaken at very competitive prices and great standards. 

We offer general maintenance, interim and full servicing for all makes and models. All work is done at high standards without compromise on quality.


To book your car in for a service or for more details get in touch today.


Suspension system is another major and complex component or system affecting a vehicle's ride and safety. A suspension consists a lot of parts playing different roles in ensuring safety, comfort, control and smoothness to the car.


Suspension parts can wear with use and time, and any irregularities and noises must be inspected. 


We can undertake all suspension work and maintenance ensuring you and your vehicle maximum control and comfort.


For all you suspension issues and problems, get in touch today.